Volunteers / Interns

Human-Wildlife Interactions Research Group (HWIRG) welcomes volunteers and interns to join in the data collection and help with data mangement for theflowing programmes:

1. The effect of urbanisation on life history and behaviour of wild animals.

  1. The effect of urbanisation on breeding behaviour of NZ fantails (Rhipidurafuliginosa) and tui (Prosthemaderanovaeseelandiae).
  2. The effect of urban barrier on gene flow of animal populations.
  3. Patterns of pathogens in urban lizard populations (Luca)

2. Behavioural ecology of native animals

  1. Breeding biology and parental care of tui
  2. Vocalisation of tui

For more details please contact Dr Weihong Ji (j.j.weihong@massey.ac.nz) .