Three years of collaborations with Gansu Agriculture University
Published On: 2015-07-03

Weihong Ji has completed her visiting Gansu Agriculture University last week with a seminar on the 3-year progress of
studies on plateau zokor initiated through the GAU-Massey University Research Centre for Grassland Biodiversity.

Since 2012, the research collaboration between Weihong and the local ecologists has resulted in a total of 1,380,000 RMB
(~NZ0,000) research fund, 11 journal publications (7 in international and 4 in Chinese journals) and 8 conference

During this trip, Weihong also visited Yanchiwan National Park to continue a MURF funded brown bear project by setting up a new MSc project on the effect of human disturbances on brown bear-small mammal-grassland trophic interactions.