Behavioural ecology of native animals

Sound animal ecological and behaviour research is important for effective conservation of  biodiversity and animal populations. Fundimental ecological and behavioral studies are the important conponent of research in HWIRG.  Our research field include mating systems, social organisation,  ranging behaviour, and communication and how these aspects are affected by human induced habitat changes. Current esearch projects include:   

  1. Breeding biology and parental care of tui (Sarah)
  2. Behavioural ecology of snubnosed monkeys (Weihong, Brigitte, Jon)
  3. Mating systems of tui (Sarah)
  4. Vocalisation of tui (Sam)
  5. Social organisation and ranging behaviour of Swamp deer (Hemanta)
  6. Predator-prey dynamics in Sal forest in Nepal (Hemanta Yadav)
  7. Nutritional ecology of Asian elephants (Raj)
  8. Modeling range expansion of introduced animals (Luca)